Willow Street Pizza
  • Authentic Italian Thin Crust Pizza Comes to Willow Street

    November 2008

    In the summer of 2008, Willow Street was visited by Pizzaiolo Rolando Surini. Surini is a cousin to Willow Street's owner, Ed Rathmann, and owns a restaurant in the heart of the lake country of Northern Italy. Rathmann was given Surini's authentic Italian dough recipe, Willow Street began serving thin crust pizzas a few months later and the rest is history. Rathmann often visits his cousin in Northern Italy in search of inspiration from generations of rich Italian history and cuisine. These visits have allowed Willow Street to bring the spirit and ingredients of Italy back home to the communities we love.

    Making an Appearance in "Pizza Today"

    October 2003

    In October 2003 the food magazine, Pizza Today, printed an article featuring Willow Street. It focused on the fact that we were one of the first to do gourmet wood-fired pizza in the area, our ever-changing menu, our health conscious menu items and our executive chef at the time, David Cohen.

    Grab a Slice at Westgate

    September 1997

    In September of 1997 we opened our third Willow Street location at Westgate, giving people the ideal combination- shopping and delicious food.


    July 1994

    This picture was taken in 1994 right outside of our Los Gatos location during the World Cup. The city of Los Gatos hosted the Brazilian soccer team and thousands of their fans. During the games, Willow Street was packed full of fans cheering on their team. Willow Street received a lot of publicity for it all and it really put our Los Gatos location on the map. Brazil beat Italy in the final 3-2.

    Los Gatos Meets Willow Street

    October 1993

    Two really is better than one! In October of 1993 we opened our second location, sharing our love of good food with the people of Los Gatos.

    The Start of Something Great

    December 1991

    Over 20 years ago we opened our first location in the heart of Willow Glen in December of 1991. It truly was the start of something great (and delicious)!